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1 IN 7 Alaskans (102,000) is not always certain about their next meal. This includes 1 IN 5 children.


Food Bank of Alaska’s statewide network of over 300 partners feeds 17,800 people in any given week:

  • 32% are children under 18
  • 13% are seniors aged 60 and older
  • Over 23% have a veteran in the household; almost 3% are active duty military
  • Over 60% were employed in last 12 months; 43% in the last month, often part-time
  • 87% have a high school diploma or GED; 35% have education beyond high school
  • Of those not working, 69% have a disability and 21% are retired

1 IN 7 Alaskans (102,000) is not always certain about their next meal.

What would you choose?

Hungry Alaskans face difficult choices.


Hungry Alaskans face other challenges, too: 

  • 26% have a family member with diabetes; high blood pressure affects 47% of families
  • 56% of households report having unpaid medical bills
  • 15% don’t have anywhere to preserve fresh food; 7% don’t have a stove or hot plate
  • 45% of households participate in SNAP, but benefits last 3 weeks or less for 81% of these

Hungry Alaskans face difficult choices:

How would you cope?

Families in need use these and other coping strategies

Sources: Map the Meal Gap at Feeding America. Hunger in Alaska 2014, based on 77 visits to programs from Wrangell to Barrow. 619 clients were sampled with a 56% response rate.





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