Policy Briefs

In a response to requests from membership for more educational information, each month, the Alaska Food Coalition distributes whitepapers. In the technology industry, whitepapers are short sales pitches for a product or solution. They give the customer just enough information to get them intrigued and then a salesman comes in and gives more detail. For our purposes, the whitepapers are going to give a brief overview of a nonprofit topic and direct members where they can get more information. Because we have such a large spectrum of organizations, not every paper is going to be relevant to every organization, but we hope to cover a wide variety of topics that will address a range of topics that can be useful for most.

Please take a minute to look at our issues. If you have any questions or know of a topic that you think would be beneficial to discuss with the entire membership, please contact the coalition manager.


Engaging Your Board in Advocacy NEW!
Motivating Your Board
Leadership Assessment: Measuring Up
Succession Planning
The Life Cycles of a Non-Profit Board
Planning for a Capital Budget
Budgets: Benefits of an Audit
Incorporating Social Media Into Your Outreach Plan
Incorporating the Internet Into Your Organization
Taxes: Knowing What and When Your Organization Should File
Introduction to Strategic Planning


Grant Writing 101 New!
Engaging Your Board in Fundraising

A Time for Fundraising
Direct Mail
Why Fundraising is a Board Responsibility
Planning a Special Event
In-kind Donations: A Different Kind of Contribution
Development Strategies: Moving Beyond the Bake Sale
Creating a Case Statement


13 Tips for Recruiting and Retaining Volunteers
Is an AmeriCorps Member Right for your Organization
Turning Clients into Volunteers
Recruiting Youth Volunteers
Recruiting Volunteers
Volunteers Appreciation
Volunteers, Boundaries and Confidentiality
Slowing the Revolving Door: Getting and Keeping Volunteers
Thoughts on Feeding the Hungry and Volunteerism
Ensuring Success: Preventing Burnout


Conaway Farm Bill Detailed Analysis 4.19.18
Return of the ABAWD SNAP Time Limit & Work Requirements
Commodity Supplemental Food Program

Child Nutrition Programs
Food Stamps – Building a Healthy America
Alphabet Soup
Summer Food Service Program
Food Stamps in Alaska: Increasing Purchasing Power for Low-Income Families
Child and Adult Care Food Program
Food Distribution on Indian Reservations (FDPIR)


Wild Game Food Donation and Recovery
Community Gardens as a Resource
Local Resources, Local Partnerships (Part II)
Local Resources, Local Partnerships (Part I)
When Subsistence Isn’t Enough
Food Safety: Handling Wild Game


Removing the SNAP Drug Felon Ban Leave Behind New!
Alaska State Legislature 101
SNAP Lifetime Drug Felon Ban
Child Nutrition Reauthorization Quick Facts
Paper Plate Campaigns  New!
 Toolkit: How to Host Policy Maker Site Visits New!
Best Practices for Collecting Client Stories
Storytelling 101
How to Tell Your Story Using Data
Anti-Hunger and Local Food Movements
Alaska’s Housing Crisis
The High Cost of Being Poor
Strategic Communication: Telling Your Story
The Importance of Saying ‘Thank You’
Crisis Management
Advocating to End Hunger
Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids
Advocating Against Senior Hunger
Oil Boom to Senior Boom: Alaska Elder’s are here to Stay
How to Build a Community Coalition to End Hunger


Client Choice
Should Nutrition Influence What Food Banks Do
First In, First Out
Client Choice: Why It Works, and How You Can Implement It Into Your Organization
How to Have a Successful Food Drive
Teaching Nutrition and Budgeting Skills
Changes in Your Product Mix

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